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Cost of living

Helping Families
Spend Less

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With the new school year underway, Fine Gael knows that many families are worried about the bills and costs that come around this time of year.

Fine Gael is listening to you. We understand your worries and that’s why we wanted to let you know about some of the work we are doing to help you and your family.

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Here's what we've done

Free school books for all primary school students
Reduced School Transport fees
€1,000 off college fees for 2022/23
Public hospital charges for children and adults abolished - Up to €800 annual saving
Back to School Clothing Allowance
Cap of €80 per month

We hope you have already started to benefit from these steps, as well as from some of the cost-of-living measures, like the energy credit that we have brought in over the past year.

Fine Gael is listening to you and we will always work to help you with the cost and pressure of raising a family and put money back in your pocket.

We are here for you and your family, we know the challenges you are facing and we are working day and night to help.

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Helping families spend less badge

We are going to do more

2023 Summer Programme
Free Hot meals. Expanding to all schools from next year
Reduction in college fees from this September. Saving up to €1,500.